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A.K.Saravanan is an Energy Engineer and is the CEO & Founder of The Aquaponics India, which is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He is also the Director of Glow Designers which is into creating customised designer products since 2010. Since childhood, Saravanan has been very creative & innovative by nature. During college days he started trekking into the forest every weekend & was totally taken by nature. This is when his passion for living with nature & ecosystem conservation began. This passion led him to wonder why and what is causing the degradation of our ecosystem. We all know that land for farming & housing has forced human to disturb the natural forest, leading to an Ecological imbalance. Coming from an Energy background, Saravanan was researching & inventing various energy saving products & services that could benefit not just the mankind but also conserve our mother nature.

He stumbled upon AQUAPONICS while searching for methods for reducing land & water wastage, labour shortage, cost & sustainable productivity in farming. Aquaponics seems to be the only solution to organically grow food without soil, less water, less labour, less space & sustainable production. He set up a Research & Development facility in Tatabad, Coimbatore, and found more new methods for urban & commercial aquaponics farming. He realised that his motto is to spread the awareness of Aquaponics to every human population so that every human being will grow their own organic food, live a disease free healthy life and also preserve our earth’s ecosystem by not polluting it with harmful pesticides.

Additionally, Saravanan has setup Glow STEAM Lab museum in the same facility. He has been delivering Aquaponics training programs to children & various sections of people coming from varied background, from different parts of India, from different countries around the world, eager to learn & implement Aquaponics.

Saravanan has tied with Wild Ideas Entertainment to conduct Innovation & Technology events, integration of Glow STEAM Lab curriculum with schools and organise AQUAPONICS AGRO – FOREST Tours & Camps.

Saravanan has now embarked on taking AQUAPONICS ON WHEELS to every part of India on an awareness drive to save our mother nature.

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