About Aquaponics & Its potential

Aquaponics is a sustainable organic food production technology that involves integrated fish and plant farming in very less space, with no soil, less labour, with very less water and no harmful pesticides.

Potential for AP

Organic naturally grown food is in great demand for human existence.

This demand is Perennial throughout the year. With more than 1.3 billion people in India alone, the market demand potential is very high as people are more aware and are in need of organically grown food.

This technology is new & there are no commercial producers in our market and hence, the sales potential is very high.

The Aquaponics India, its Products & Services

The Aquaponics India is a startup company which is into training, support, research & development of Aquaponics products & services. Hundreds of people both from India and from around the world have benefitted from our training and have successfully started aquaponics farming under our guidance.

We have products for all categories of people starting from as little as Rs. 250/- .  Businessmen, farmers, agriculturist, homemakers, social workers, students and everyone who want to learn and earn from this socially driven, futuristic, in-demand farming technology are most welcome.

Be a part of this Rapidly growing, high potential, Sustainable & Revolutionary Technology. The future is in your action.

Affiliate :

 1. What is Affiliate marketing in TAPI?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting the products & services of The Aquaponics India to your contacts or friends and earn money in every sale that you make without investing any capital.

2. Who can become an affiliate partner?

Anybody who wants to earn an additional income or want to be an entrepreneur can become a member. His can include Students, Home Makers, Employed or Self-employed and Retired people.

3.Difference between Affiliate & MLM?
MLM Affiliate
a .Become member then Buy the product & then sell it. a. No investment , only sell whenever you want.
b. Pyramid shape growth b. Nobody is under you or above you.
c. Directly or indirectly pressurise people to buy their products and you may end upbreaking social relationships/ contact network .c. Only create awareness to the benefits of consuming organic produce, encourage them to learn and grow food themselves by buying our products/ services.


Franchise :

A Franchise should have a minimum of 500 – 1000 sq. ft. of open space that gets direct sunlight to grow plants  and  display the live Aquaponics system. Through which we can also conduct workshops / Training.

Advantage of Franchise:

  • Higher profit margin.
  • The conversion rate is high with live models.
  • Regular monthly income through workshops.
  • High Potential to start a big/ small/ medium/ commercial project.




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