Glow Steam Lab

Edutainment Camp


A one day education + entertainment camp for students at Glow STEAM Lab Tatabad, Coimbatore.

E.A.T. tour itinerary

It includes an introduction to Aquaponics farming, Educational tour of our Glow STEAM Lab Museum & Aquaponics Garden & Fun activities.


Glow STEAM Lab on Wheels

“AQUAPONICS ON WHEELS”, is one of the World’s first mobile live ecosystem that will travel to your school campus.

Students will be shown fish, plants & bacterias interaction in a living ecosystem, they will understand STEAM subjects via Aquaponics Technology.


A two-day education + entertainment camp for students and parents.

Common thing that all living things do is EAT. The future of food begins with education.

The Aquaponics India is excited to invite you to one of the world’s first Agri-tourism in India.

E.A.T. tour itinerary

It includes an educational tour to our glow STEAM Lab museum & Aquaponic Garden, Trekking, Picnic & campfire in the forest, tasting naturally & organically grown food.

Awareness & Learning the benefits of Aquaponics farming.

Glow STEAM Lab Museum – Field Trip

Glow STEAM Lab is a place where students will witness & understand practelly the core STEAM subjects via Aquaponics lab & Research experiments.


Glow STEAM Lab – Curriculum

Integrate Glow STEAM Lab curriculum with your school curriculum for class III and above.

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